[XXI,003,001] CUG TALES

This diary, or log, tells about families, and relatives. So it’s not a Family Tale, but it’s better to say Families Tale. It isn’t a story along a genealogical tree. It could be better say “genealogical woods”. So, the main history, in each century, is a story about Cousins [it. cugini]. And in this Century, they areContinua a leggere “[XXI,003,001] CUG TALES”



4016, FEBRUARY 01. SANTA VERDIANA Usage of CIAO [da WIKIPEDIA] In contemporary Italian usage, ciao is interchangeable for both an informal hello and goodbye, much like aloha in Hawaiian, salām in Arabic, shalom in Hebrew or annyeong in Korean. In Italy, ciao is mainly used in informal contexts, i.e. among family members, relatives, friends, inContinua a leggere “[XLI,002,005] CIAO CIAO CIAO”

12071, JULY 09.

MY MY HEY HEY (out-of-the-blue) HEY HEY MY MY (into-the-black) [see also here] WWSS – EATALY. After 10055 [2747 hexadecimal-years, from now on H.Y.] years from the 1.st E.V.A. [Extra Vehicular Activity, from now on E.V.A.] of Uncle Luca Salvo, I did my 1.st one out-of-the-blue of EATALY, into-the-black of the Space around GLYZE 581 g. At 05:27 Capital EarthContinua a leggere “12071, JULY 09.”

672, JANUARY 27.

VITALIANVS PAPA TO WHO BELONGS HE ? Born in Segni, under the Byzantine Empire, presumebly at the beginning of 600 AA.DD. P.S. : With AA.DD: we mean ANNO DOMINI. —- Bartholomeus Eustachii “Bartholomeus Eustachii. Who was He?”  He said exactly as Don Abbondio (N.B.) did with Carneades at the beginning [incipit] of the 8. [VIII, see Roman Numeric System] of the Novel ofContinua a leggere “672, JANUARY 27.”

1979, AUGUST 27.

HEY, HEY, MY MY (INTO THE BLACK) MY MY, HEY HEY (OUT OF THE BLUE) It was the end of the Summer. We were in Villa Borghese, in Rome.       TRUE COLORS During the late 1970s a group of twelve architects – Piero Sartogo, Colin Rowe, Robert Venturi with Denise Scott Brown, Michael Graves, Costantino Dardi, Antoine Grumbach, James Stirling, Paolo Portoghesi,Continua a leggere “1979, AUGUST 27.”

1273, JANUARY 28.

– PANGE LINGUA – CANTA O MIA LINGUA – TONGUE, SING! BY THOMAS ACQUINAS (Latin Text) Pange língua gloriósi Córporis mystérium, Sanguinísque pretiósi, Quem in mundi prétium fructus ventris generósi Rex effúdit géntium. Nobis datus, nobis natus ex intácta Vírgine, et in mundo conversátus, sparso verbi sémine, sui moras incolátus miro cláusit órdine. In suprémaeContinua a leggere “1273, JANUARY 28.”