2015, DECEMBER 30. WHY EUROPE SHOULD LEAVE NATO by Dr. Finn Majlergaard When NATO was formed in 1949 by United States, Canada and a number of European countries it made a lot of sense because the Soviet Union (USSR) was becoming stronger and stronger. In the aftermath of World War 2 we ended up with aContinua a leggere “[XXI,334,000] EUROPE SHOULD LEAVE NATO”



32009, MAY 15. – FINIS TERRÆ – FINIS TERRE – FINISTERRE – ARMORICA – ARMONICA –  …. LUPO DI MARE … [4:47] “Tutti in coperta, stiamo andando alla deriva !” Sentivo il Capitano gridare. “Frugate la nave, rimpiazzate il cuoco e nessuno si tiri indietro !”. Attraverso gli stretti, intorno a capo Horn: quanto lontano possono volareContinua a leggere “[XXXIII-M,105,000] FINIS TERRÆ”


32015, NOVEMBER 22. русский язык [russkiy yazik] The nite I met Antonia. Metro B1 – Cavour , toward GoldField. She get on @ a stop after mine. Termini. TERMINVS, TERMINI. The appearance was clearly and certainly Slavonic. So many Slavonic women live in Rome, today. And [theY] are very special women. They have something strongly different. Une Physique Royale .Continua a leggere “[XXXIII-M,296,000] РУССКИЙ ЯЗЫК”


#ItalyDecisionTaken BLINkING ITALY It was known from centuries that Italy was special. Today was the only reasonable choice. In the XX Century, Riccardo Lazzati said: “Italy occupies 0.5% of the Earth, and 0.83% of humanity lives there. Bio climatic conditions are unique in the world, it allows the peninsula to be the first nation in the worldContinua a leggere “[XXIV-M,102,000] TOLOMEO PROGRAM”