[XXI,005,000] PADRE PIO

2016, FEBRUARY 04. ROME, SAINT LAWRENCE OUTSIDE THE WALLS San Padre Pio a Roma. H 7:10 – 8:50 I went there. I came here. Sunny and cold morning. Waiting to be again near San Padre Pio. Padre Pio, born in Pietrelcina  on 1887, May 25. was Francesco Forgione, and he was given the name of Pio when he joinedContinua a leggere “[XXI,005,000] PADRE PIO”


32009, MAY 15. – FINIS TERRÆ – FINIS TERRE – FINISTERRE – ARMORICA – ARMONICA –  …. LUPO DI MARE … [4:47] “Tutti in coperta, stiamo andando alla deriva !” Sentivo il Capitano gridare. “Frugate la nave, rimpiazzate il cuoco e nessuno si tiri indietro !”. Attraverso gli stretti, intorno a capo Horn: quanto lontano possono volareContinua a leggere “[XXXIII-M,105,000] FINIS TERRÆ”


32015, NOVEMBER 22. русский язык [russkiy yazik] The nite I met Antonia. Metro B1 – Cavour , toward GoldField. She get on @ a stop after mine. Termini. TERMINVS, TERMINI. The appearance was clearly and certainly Slavonic. So many Slavonic women live in Rome, today. And [theY] are very special women. They have something strongly different. Une Physique Royale .Continua a leggere “[XXXIII-M,296,000] РУССКИЙ ЯЗЫК”