2015, DECEMBER 30.


by Dr. Finn Majlergaard

On 9. November 1989 the Berlin wall fell and that started a series of events throughout Europe opening up the borders all the way down to Romania. Europe was united but very diversified. A lot of work ahead for the European governments. Western Europe had already established the European Union and West Germany decided to bring East Germany up to speed as quickly as possibly so that Germany could become united politically, economically and culturally.

Despite what some people like to say about the European Union it has been a fantastic vehicle for preserving peace in Europe since World War 2. NATO didn’t contribute to that at all – on the contrary.

Now 66 years after the creation of NATO I think it is time to re-evaluate if we in Europe are best served with NATO, that constantly provokes Russia or we should try a different model that seeking collaboration and mutual commitment. A model that successfully has preserved peace in Europe since World War 2 – despite the creation of NATO.

When I present my point of view at conferences and in debates I am often met with the following argument from some North Americans: “We sacrificed ourselves for you during World War 2, so you should be grateful and thank us.” Well- we have said thank you for 66 years by supporting US foreign policy despite it often was far from European values (the Wars in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait). And when it comes to sacrifices USA safriced a little more than 400.000 soldiers. The Soviet Union within the 1939 borders lost 24.000.000 soldiers in fighting the Nazi regime and Poland lost more than 2.000.0000 soldiers. So the Soviet Union and Poland lost 65 times more soldiers than the USA. If these numbers matters, which they obviously do to a lot of North Americans we in Europe should seek reconciliation with Russia who has sacrified more than any other nation to stop the Nazi regime.

To illustrate my point I will highly recommend you watch the video below from Omeleto. It puts everything in a new perspective.

 Turkey is the reason

One of the main reasons we should reconsider European security policy is Turkey. Turkey borders both Syria, Iran and Iraq – 3 countries USA destabilished in order to try to control the oil production.

First world war started by a single shot in Sarajevo. When Turkey shot down a Russian military aircraft SU-24 on the 24. November it could easily have started a chain reaction of events that could have lead to a 3rd world war. And that only because the interests of United States and Europe in that region are very different.

Iran was a free country before USA destabilised the country and started a war.

The European model that successfully have turned the Eastern European countries into some of the fastest growing economies in the world could have been deployed equally successfully in Iran, Iraq and Syria.

And we (Europe) decided to back USA again with the sole purpose to support the war and oil industry in USA.

It is time we deploy European thinking. Maybe because European cultures are so old and well-developed we can propose more intelligent and sustainable solutions than just starting a war. We have proved that by focusing on the commonalities we can overcome the differences. That approach requires a fairly high level of cultural intelligence and we have that in Europe, so there is no need settling for less.

We have to stop the way we conduct our foreign policy today!

Feel free to disagree

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