[XXI,003,001] CUG TALES

This diary, or log, tells about families, and relatives. So it’s not a Family Tale, but it’s better to say Families Tale. It isn’t a story along a genealogical tree. It could be better say “genealogical woods”.

So, the main history, in each century, is a story about Cousins [it. cugini].

And in this Century, they are used to shorten the word in CUG [phon. kuğ].

So this is why I like to say CUG TALES.


Something like Duck Tales . It premiered on 1987, September 18. and ended on 1990, November 28., with a total of 4 seasons and 100 episodes.
You were very very young, and one of You not yet born at all 🙂 .

I hope the english-spoken people doesn’t prounounce the U here like in Duck.

So, please, don’t prounonce it as kag tales ! 🙂  ….

…. Exceptionally cock-tailes ! 😀

by  ZioGrim ZioGrim





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