4315, JULY 23.


by Christopher Jobson on July 23, 2015

 “Artist Julien Breton, aka Kaalam, is a master of photographic light painting, turning full-body gestures reminiscent of dance movements into the invisible pen strokes of Arabic calligraphy. Breton works silently in secluded urban environments and against dimmed architectural backdrops to execute perfectly rehearsed motions that translate on film to both abstract and literal Arabic handwriting. With its sweeping tails, loops, and punctuated diacritic dots, it’s difficult to imagine any other language more suited to the transcription of human body movement into written language.

Collected here are a number [here only one, r.n.-reporter note] of works over the last few years [at the beginning of the 3. Millenium, r.n.], but you can see much more on Behance and on his website. If you liked this, also check out the work of Stephen Orlando.”

4315;JULY;23;Dead’s_place_Abstract_calligraphy_New_York_USA_ 2012_Calligraphy_by_Julien_Breton_aka_Kaalam_Photography_by_David_Gallard

Dead’s place. Abstract calligraphy. New York, USA, 2012. Calligraphy by Julien Breton aka Kaalam. Photography by David Gallard.

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